Wirecast ToolBox is a small program that works with the Windows version of Wirecast from Telestream.

Wirecast ToolBox lets you assign hotkeys to your shots.
You can use a wireless numpad or just a regular keyboard.

This makes it much easier for internet broadcasters to produce live webcasts on the fly, focusing on the content. A great alternative to expensive hardware consoles.

Download latest version:
Wirecast ToolBox v1.5
Release date: Oct 11th. 2014

Dec 6th 2017:

Wirecast ToolBox are no longer being maintained by me and no future versions can be expected.
There is no guarantee ToolBox will work on future versions of Wirecast.

ToolBox 32-bit should work with Wirecast 64-bit v8.x. This was confirmed by another broadcaster that contacted me last week.
If you uncheck the 'Enable hotkeys only if Wirecast is focused' under the Options meny it should work.

Note that you need to write the exact name of the shot, choose your hotkey you want for the shot and hit Apply.
There is no available tutorial so I suggest you to play around with it to understand it's functionality.
Earlier versions of Wirecast had a slightly different concept of the layers. Layer 3 was the main layer where the video sources was supposed to go.
Layer 1 and 2 was supposed to be used for logos and overlay text so you can toggle them on/off with same button.
Try to have your shots in Layer 3, and it should be enough to press key only once to switch between shots

I cannot offer anymore support than this other than stating it should work (atleast up to v8.x) if you invest some time in testing.

Wirecast ToolBox is made by +Jan Espen Pedersen
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